12 April 2016


The other week my boyfriend and I decided to go and have a day out up London. We both live in London but both of us hadn't taken the time out to really explore different the different areas, so that's exactly what we decided to do.

First up we took a stroll to Westminster to take a look at Big Ben, the weather was absolutely perfect on this day so the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben looked beautiful in the sunshine. After this we wandered off to Trafalgar Square, where loads of performers were doing their bit to entertain the London crowd. There were singers, dancers and even people making rings. The sun was warmer now so we sat down by the fountain to chill for a bit and it was lovely and relaxing.

After this we went to take a look around China Town with all the rich reds, metallic golds and pretty lanterns. The smells around China Town as well are to die for, you can smell the restaurants cooking their delicious dishes for their hungry customers and as you walk past the smells hit you, making you want to enter and see all what they've got to offer. After we took a quick walk around Neal's Yard in Covent Garden as I've heard so many good stories about it. I loved the overall look of Neal's Yard, it felt like I was in a different country as we was walking through, but sadly there's not much to do there.

A quick visit to see Buckingham Palace was a must seeing as I've never been (I know, shocking for a girl who's lived in London all her life), but I can say that I totally loved it. The gold decor was beautiful and I loved the fountains outside. I also liked seeing the guards standing outside, marching in formation and looking extremely serious. We finished the day with a lovely stroll around Green park, the sun was setting as we made our way back to the station to make our way home.

I loved taking the day to explore London a bit better, I'll definitely be doing it again! What's your favourite part about London?