9 October 2015


You know Fall has arrived when darker shades of nail polishes start making an appearance on everyones blogs and to be honest, I can't blame them. The arrival of the colder seasons has made me feel really excited for Halloween, Bonfire Night and most importantly, Christmas. The shades which I've chosen will, no doubt, make you fall in love with Autumn even more. When Fall arrives, I just can't help but adore the colours used for clothes such as mustard yellow and khaki. The same goes for Makeup and nail polishes with their burnt oranges, plums and deep reds.

First up I've chosen Maybelline Superstay Forever Strong in Really Rose (£4.49), this one comes out like a rich red after just one coat. When it comes to Autumn, I feel like classic reds are a must, they're so understated. Next is my favourite brand when it comes to nail polish, Barry M. Barry M have so many beautiful shades and they last a good long while. This particular shade is Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Chilli (£3.99) which is a pretty dark burnt orange. I simply love the Gelly range from Barry M as the finish is super glossy.

Fall nail colours wouldn't be the same without a purple, this one is so shimmery and beautiful it always reminds me of Autumn and Halloween! This shade is unfortunately hard to find these days but I've managed to find a website that stocks it! It's called Vivid Purple (£2.95) and it one of my favourite shades. Next is another deep red, Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel Nails (£6.99) is a beautiful dark red which dries so quick, which is perfect for a impatient nail painter like me! Lastly is another red from Barry M in Red Wine (£2.99), which is a tad brighter than the others but a beautiful shade none the less. What I love about Barry M is the way it glides onto the nails, and lasts for agesss.

What are your favourite fall nail polish shades?