10 September 2015


I never used to be one to go out my way for a skincare routine but these products have changed that. I'm always seeing people discussing their skincare routines on their blogs and their skin always looks amazing so I decided to give it a go myself. I've tried many a product and nothing could change my patchy looking oily skin, but since working with these products, I think that's about to change...

Olay Anti-Wrinkle Pro Vital Night Cream (£9.99) is also something which I use every night. I know I'm only young and I may not need an anti-wrinkle cream now, but this is not only what it is for. It also buffs the skin to make it look more balanced and less oily.

First up is this Garnier Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash (£2.65), I usually get bad blackheads (eugh) around my T-Zone and since I've started using this, I have noticed a considerable difference. This product is more for those who suffer with oily skin (-and boy do I), and works to unclog pores and reduce that oily looking shine so you have a dewy glow as opposed to looking like a melting waxwork.

This is my holy grail of skincare. I use it everyday without fail and it helps to balance my skin, reduce spot size and purifies the skin. As I have an oily skin issue, Garnier Spot Purifying Toner (£4.99) is actually helpful in mattifying the skin and it really makes your skin feel more fresh and clean after use.

So, that's my night time routine, what skincare products do you use?

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