30 August 2015


Sundays are meant for relaxing. I never used to enjoy Sundays as I found them boring and I had nothing to do, but that's all changed now that I've been working full time. Now I long for lazy Sundays and can't wait to sleep in and eat pancakes. I also love the fact that it's a three day weekend, which gives me more time to sleep, eat and read and watch Harry Potter (you guys should know by now that I'm a massive fan - I'm literally obsessed!!!).

Typically, I tend to keep my makeup simple or wear none at all. I like to give my skin a break from the makeup it suffocates in all week long. However, this is dependent on what I'm doing on the day. Like last week Jade and I went to Rochester and had a browse around all the cute bookshops and sweet shops. We also drooled over the Benefit packaging. This week I'm going to give blood (eek!) so I'm keeping it fairly simple.

I'm quite nervous to give blood as last time I did it went quite wrong! Let's hope this time goes a bit more smoothly. What are you doing this Sunday?

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