12 December 2015


Lately, my skins been a bit of an issue, so for the past few days I've not been wearing any face makeup in order to let my skin breathe. However, when I do feel like whacking on a full face, these makeup products is what I tend to reach for time after time.

For my base I more often than not wear the Maybelline FIT Me Foundation (£7.99), this has such a beautiful consistency and leaves my skin looking silky - not oily and it blends in perfectly with my skin tone. When I was in duty free before I went to Rome I picked up a few MAC bits and this highlighter was one of them, I LOVE it. This particular MAC product was what I had been wanting to buy for such a long time now, so what better time to buy it than when it's discounted? MAC Highlight in Soft & Gentle (£24.00) has just the right amount of shimmer and lasts all day. Next I've started to use Soap & Glory's Love At First Blush (£11.00), which could be used as a blush and highlight as it does have a few shimmery tones but I tend to use it as just a blush.

For my brows I've used the Maybelline Brow Drama (£4.99) as the shade blends well, but with this product it can tend to be a little flaky so I try not to use too much on my brows, what's handy with this is the way it's shaped like a mascara brush so it's easier to use on the brows. Lately, I've fallen in love with eyeshadows and this palette in particular has all the shades I'm lusting for. They're super pigmented and the shades all blend really well together. This Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 Palette (£4.00) has the perfect shades for if you're going to a Christmas party or just for chilling during the day.

For me, my all time favourite eyeliner is Collection's Fast Stroke Eyeliner (£2.99), it's so cheap but it comes out in a true black shade. I find the wand is a great shape and doesn't bend or become clumpy and it doesn't smudge around the eyes, leaving you with the perfect flick all day (if you don't struggle with the flick that is - like moi). Again, for mascara I rave a lot about this one in particular, but it really does give your lashes looking like false ones. It lengthens them, gives them volume and doesn't clump. Seventeen Falsifeye Mascara (£6.49) is one of my faves and I reach for it time and time again.

Lastly, as it's winter now I tend to go for a darker red on my lips if I'm going anywhere fancy. I don't usually wear lipstick on a day to day basis but somedays when I'm feeling up for it I do more often than not tend to go for a lip crayon rather than a lipstick. Maybelline's Colour Drama in Berry Munch (£4.99) is so easy to apply and lasts a good few hours (even when eating and drinking). As my lips aren't exactly symmetrical, lip crayons just make applying colour to your lips so much easier.

What makeup are you loving at the moment?

16 November 2015


I don't know about you, but I don't think I've ever bought myself a high end eyeliner. Drugstore eyeliners just do it for me. Whether it be liquid or pencil, they do the job well enough and they're so cheap that you can try so much more!

My favourite of all time has to be the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner, it comes out really black within the first stroke, where some eyeliners don't. This one comes in at only £2.99 which is such a bargain. The application 'brush' if you like is thin and keeps it's shape and it lasts for ages.

The Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner (£6.00), is another fave of mine for the simple reason that the goes on really smoothly. I love how it's just like a pen and it's easy to hold. Unlike the Collection eyeliner, this one doesn't come out as dark and will need a few coats depending on how you want it to look.  When it comes to lining my waterline, I always tend to go for the MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner which you can get for a mere £1 (?!?!?!). Although this goes blunt quite quickly and the packaging gets quite messy, the colour is very opaque and it glides on so easily.

Another one that I always sway towards is the NYC High Definition Eyeliner (£3.09), which unfortunately I can't find anywhere now except for Amazon. Again, the thing I love about it is the same reason as the Supercat, it's so easy to hold and it's just like holding a pen. Lastly, is this pot of Seventeen Gel Liner (£3.99), the link isn't the same one as to what I have (as it came as part of a gift set) but is very similar! Although the gel liners aren't my favourite type of eyeliners to apply, this one comes out easily and is so dark.

So there are my favourite eyeliners, what are yours?

9 October 2015


You know Fall has arrived when darker shades of nail polishes start making an appearance on everyones blogs and to be honest, I can't blame them. The arrival of the colder seasons has made me feel really excited for Halloween, Bonfire Night and most importantly, Christmas. The shades which I've chosen will, no doubt, make you fall in love with Autumn even more. When Fall arrives, I just can't help but adore the colours used for clothes such as mustard yellow and khaki. The same goes for Makeup and nail polishes with their burnt oranges, plums and deep reds.

First up I've chosen Maybelline Superstay Forever Strong in Really Rose (£4.49), this one comes out like a rich red after just one coat. When it comes to Autumn, I feel like classic reds are a must, they're so understated. Next is my favourite brand when it comes to nail polish, Barry M. Barry M have so many beautiful shades and they last a good long while. This particular shade is Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Chilli (£3.99) which is a pretty dark burnt orange. I simply love the Gelly range from Barry M as the finish is super glossy.

Fall nail colours wouldn't be the same without a purple, this one is so shimmery and beautiful it always reminds me of Autumn and Halloween! This shade is unfortunately hard to find these days but I've managed to find a website that stocks it! It's called Vivid Purple (£2.95) and it one of my favourite shades. Next is another deep red, Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel Nails (£6.99) is a beautiful dark red which dries so quick, which is perfect for a impatient nail painter like me! Lastly is another red from Barry M in Red Wine (£2.99), which is a tad brighter than the others but a beautiful shade none the less. What I love about Barry M is the way it glides onto the nails, and lasts for agesss.

What are your favourite fall nail polish shades?

29 September 2015


Last week I got back from Rome after visiting the amazing city with Jade. We had an absolutely amazing time and the food was incredible. Today I decided to put up a post with only a tiny percentage of the photos I took (there are still quite a few in this post fyi - sorry #notsorry) but I love reading these type of posts and heres hoping you do too.

As I said the food was amazing, their pastries were delicious and I'm now officially in love with risotto. Aside from this the buildings were beautiful too. We went for three days and although I loved every minute, those three days were enough.

Anyway, enough of my waffling. Enjoy the photos!

Getting a little depressed going through all these again, not gonna lie! Until next time, Italy!

10 September 2015


I never used to be one to go out my way for a skincare routine but these products have changed that. I'm always seeing people discussing their skincare routines on their blogs and their skin always looks amazing so I decided to give it a go myself. I've tried many a product and nothing could change my patchy looking oily skin, but since working with these products, I think that's about to change...

Olay Anti-Wrinkle Pro Vital Night Cream (£9.99) is also something which I use every night. I know I'm only young and I may not need an anti-wrinkle cream now, but this is not only what it is for. It also buffs the skin to make it look more balanced and less oily.

First up is this Garnier Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash (£2.65), I usually get bad blackheads (eugh) around my T-Zone and since I've started using this, I have noticed a considerable difference. This product is more for those who suffer with oily skin (-and boy do I), and works to unclog pores and reduce that oily looking shine so you have a dewy glow as opposed to looking like a melting waxwork.

This is my holy grail of skincare. I use it everyday without fail and it helps to balance my skin, reduce spot size and purifies the skin. As I have an oily skin issue, Garnier Spot Purifying Toner (£4.99) is actually helpful in mattifying the skin and it really makes your skin feel more fresh and clean after use.

So, that's my night time routine, what skincare products do you use?

6 September 2015


I'm not the only one that turns completely basic when fall (*autumn*) comes around am I? Good. I'm glad. When it reaches September 1st, I start longing for chunky knitwear and scarves. I wake up with Christmas songs in my head (embarrassing but the truth I swear) and end up making apple and cinnamon rock cakes because I love the smell of it in the kitchen. So, because I know I'm not the only basic girl when it comes to fall, I decided to make a list of things everyone can do to be totally basic this fall.

Starbucks is the place to be if you're gonna be a basic girl this fall. I, myself, loveee Pumpkin Spice latees and apparently, every other girl does too. Plus, what's not to love about the cute Christmas Starbucks cups!?

I know this is mainly an American activity but in the UK you can find places that do this and this makes me really happy. I love carving pumpkins, it makes me feel really excited about Halloween (even if I'm just lounging around watching movies). Pumpkin Patches and More is a great website to find places in Greater London which does pumpkin picking. (or you could just pick one out from the store).

I've gotta admit, I do this all the time, probably every fall actually. I love the colours that are involved with fall and the leaves that fall on the floor when I'm taking my dog for a walk! Plus, the pictures look totally cute on your Instagram feed.

This always looks so tasty everytime I see it on my feed or on Pintrest. This year I'm gonna attempt to make my own!

One of my favourite scents ever is Vanilla, this smells so good in all seasons. If you want a more fall scent, then buy something like Mulled Wine or something to do with pumpkins (I swear this blog post isn't just about pumpkins).

Every year I have two sets of cushions that I change. I have a more fresh and pink looking set of cushions that I use for Spring and Summer and then red and check print cushions that I use for Fall and Winter. I also have a check throw which goes at the bottom of my bed and a candle holder which is decorated with fake leaves.

One of the biggest things about fall is Halloween, and even though I'm not a massive fan of scary movies, some people are. Whether they be movies like Scary Movie or thrillers, cozying up with loved ones is a great way to get you in the fall mood.

This is something people from the UK can do (or something similar in America), but I went to Winter Wonderland last year and I had so much fun. We ate churros and looked around at all the lovely stalls which sold food and little trinkly bits and bobs.

Again, I'm not sure if this is something which they do in America but I went to one with my family last year and we ate Crepes and watched beautiful fireworks. There were also tons of rides and stalls so it was a really great night.

This is something which I literally do every day during the Fall or Winter months, they are so warm and cosy that I don't want to wear anything else!

31 August 2015


It's weird to think that university is over now and I have to start being an adult (I don't want to 'adult'...). Working full time and not having cheerleading means that I've been attempting to find other ways to be adventurous. With university, we would go out and have fun and the same with cheerleading. So, now that the best three years of my life are over, I thought about things that I should be doing more often, and what better way than to express them in a blog post?

Cheerleading has made my flexibility so much better as well as my overall fitness, to keep this up, I started doing yoga lessons. And I love it. It's so calming and makes you feel so relaxed whilst also helping with your flexibility, balance and fitness. I try to go once a week but with conflicting schedules I haven't been for the last two. I'm gonna be straight back on it next week though!

Pretty obvious one, but you do feel so much better when you're laughing. Of course, laughing and having fun with your friends and family are the most important laughs of all, but if you're on your own on your lunch break, watch Vine. The comedians on there are hilarious and I guarantee that you'll feel so much happier afterwards!

Even if it's just for an hour or so. Go for a run or a walk with your dogs or play a board game with your family.

Of course, a burger and fries from Five Guys tastes good, but I bet you feel slodgey (is that even a word? I'm gonna go with yes) afterwards. Try to eat a little healthier and have a small unhealthy snack (if you literally cannot stay away from the bad stuff) even once in a while. You'll feel tons better and your body will thank you.

Grab a book and snuggle up on your sofa and get immersed. At the moment I'm re-re-re-reading Harry Potter (I never get bored of this series) and sometimes I realise I've been reading for hours!

30 August 2015


Sundays are meant for relaxing. I never used to enjoy Sundays as I found them boring and I had nothing to do, but that's all changed now that I've been working full time. Now I long for lazy Sundays and can't wait to sleep in and eat pancakes. I also love the fact that it's a three day weekend, which gives me more time to sleep, eat and read and watch Harry Potter (you guys should know by now that I'm a massive fan - I'm literally obsessed!!!).

Typically, I tend to keep my makeup simple or wear none at all. I like to give my skin a break from the makeup it suffocates in all week long. However, this is dependent on what I'm doing on the day. Like last week Jade and I went to Rochester and had a browse around all the cute bookshops and sweet shops. We also drooled over the Benefit packaging. This week I'm going to give blood (eek!) so I'm keeping it fairly simple.

I'm quite nervous to give blood as last time I did it went quite wrong! Let's hope this time goes a bit more smoothly. What are you doing this Sunday?

28 August 2015


(Image via Google)

In just a few weeks I will be jetting off to Rome with Jade from Sweet Treats and Perfect Pleats and to say I'm excited is an understatement. We're only going for a few days and we're staying in the most beautiful hotel which is right in the center of Rome and I. Can't. Wait.

Jade and I have been best friends for a while now, we met on our very first day of university and have been friends ever since. We have shared many mornings together in Wetherspoons enjoying their pancakes and have gone on plenty of mini adventures together, such as Harry Potter Studios (we're both obsessed with HP), so we can't wait to get away for a few days and have a bigger adventure!

So, this post is purely dedicated to things I would love to do in Rome and places I want to visit.

1. Visit Vatican City

2. Go to the Colosseum 

3. Eat loads of pizza and ice-cream

4. Visit the Pantheon

5. Go to the Trevi fountain

6. Go to the Baroque fountains

7. Visit St. Peter's Basilica

8. Eat more pizza and ice-cream

As you can see it's going to be quite the tourist-y trip. I wish we had more time to visit other places in Italy but we can always go another time! And of course, when in Rome, you have to eat their pizza and ice-cream. I'm also a massive lover of pasta so I can't wait to try it all!

Do you have any recommendations for Rome?

26 August 2015


Hello lovely followers!

So a few of you may be wondering why I disappeared off the face of the Earth for a few months (okay, maybe 6 months...) and although I'd love to say it was because I've been travelling and having the time of my life, I would be lying (although, I am enjoying my life atm - Don't worry!). I've actually been really busy with university and with work.

I graduated in July just gone (Here's a typical graduation photo for you all) with a Upper Second Class Honors in BA Film Studies (really interesting subject fyi!) and I couldn't be happier, it just proves that all your hard work really does pay off! In case you were wondering, I'm wearing a Missguided Dress and shoes. The dress was surprisingly comfy and the shoes (although they hurt a little at the beginning due to my sprained ankle) were comfy nearing the end of the ceremony.

I've also been working full time, which although it may not be a good excuse, it is one of the main reasons why I've been lacking in uploading blogs. I am trying now to get back into blogging, as I do really enjoy it. I haven't really had a lot of money to spend on overly expensive but beautiful products as I am going away at the end of September and I've also applied for Camp America 2016.

As you may or may not have noticed, the web address to my blog has now changed, which sadly means that it also changes over on Bloglovin'. So, therefore, I will lose all of my followers on my old Bloglovin' account. You can follow my new Bloglovin' page here.

Of course, my main social media pages are Twitter and Instagram, but lately I have been obsessed with Tumblr and all the beautiful images and blogs I follow! I've also been pinning like crazy, so if you guys are obsessing over social media like me, give me a follow on the usernames below:

Twitter: @staceybhearts

Instagram: @staceybhearts

Tumblr: www.staceybhearts.tumblr.com

Pintrest: @staceybhearts

I will be blogging more from now on, even if it is what I've been doing or some ideas/products I've been loving/obsessing over. What are your social media pages?

1 August 2015


Lately makeup has not been my main thought when I first wake up in the morning, normally I tend to opt for more sleep (I know this isn't the greatest thing ever because then I end up looking tired all day!). The lazy side of me took over, and I normally only ended up wearing mascara and occasionally filling in my brows.
A few weeks ago though, I decided enough is enough and that I was going to start putting more effort into how I look on a daily basis. Extra sleep was forgotten and I found myself waking up earlier just so I could do my hair and makeup (hair is another thing which was normally forgotten, my signature hairstyle as of late has been a fishtail plait - whoops).

So, in my sleepy state, I go for Bourjois Happy Light foundation (£11.99) as this really perks up my skin and leaves me with a fresh glow, which I believe, is exactly the look you want early in the morning! Although my skin is naturally really oily, I just tend to brush over some mattifying powder to make sure I don't look like my makeup is melting off my face.

For mascara, I find myself time and time again reaching for Soap & Glory's Thick & Fast (10) mascara. To tell you the truth, I wasn't a super huge fan of this when I first purchased it. I was more in love with Seventeen's Doll'd Up (£6.29) mascara instead. However, when this run out (and I was left heartbroken - anddddd still needing to buy a replacement) I decided to give this mascara another go and now I love it. It leaves my lashes with a natural looking curl all day, and you can build up how thick you want your lashes to look, which I find really useful. You can opt for a more natural look during the day and just build up the thickness for a night out! 

For cheeks I've been obsessing with GOSH Multi-Colour Blush (£7.99) because there are subtle shimmers, leaving your cheeks with a beautiful radiance. Highlighters have always been a love of mine, and lately I've been reaching for I Heart Makeup Highlighter in Goddess of Love (£4.99) because it's not too shimmery so it doesn't leave your face looking like a disco ball...

After watching Bethany Mota's Morning Get Ready With Me on YouTube I've been wanting to recreate her rose-gold eyeshadow look. So I searched my drawers until I found a similar one in this dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette (£38). This cost me around £5 online. You can read the post about it here. It's a really similar look and I've been in love with it! It just adds a little something extra to your everyday look but is still really casual.

Of course, being the oily skinned girl that I am (any recommendations for a mattifying foundation/primer/etc will be helpful!), I use Rimmel's Stay Matte primer (£5.99) everyday before applying any other makeup goodies. It lasts a long while, but if you're working 9-5 like I have been for a while now I would recommend applying a matte powder as well.

And lastly, lips. I'm not a huge fan of wearing lipstick everyday so if I do apply a lipstick it'll be a natural looking one 9 times out of 10. This is one of the lip colours that I tend to opt for. This is E.L.F Lip Colour in Praline (around £3) and although it's a little drying on the lips, it's a beautiful nude colour that is very much like what Kylie Jenner has been wearing lately!

What makeup have you been loving lately?