22 December 2014


Christmas has always been a special time for me, I love spending time with my family and eating all the sweet treats that are out all around the house. I thought I'd show you a few of the decorations I have in my room and around the house.

I decided to change my bedding for Christmas and bought a few new pillows to give it a more cosy feel. This particular bedding is from Morrinsons which I got as a present for my birthday! I got the blue and red reindeer print pillow from Primark and received the furry white pillow as a gift (sorry!) - this is actually pretty good for taking blog photos on! And of course, no bed is set without Olaf and some fairy lights and tinsel!

I have the coloured fairy lights on my book shelves all year round but decided to add a bit more tinsel and a little Christmas tree that I found when I was in Poundland. It's a really cute little tree and is so worth the money! Me and mum decided to put up a garland around the door with tons of coloured lights wrapped around it. This looks so pretty of a night and we also added a few more little bits and bobs like the doormat and teddy to get into the Christmas spirit!

Obviously, no Christmas is complete without Advent Calendars and Hot chocolates! The advent calendars are from Cadbury's and Thorntons (they're not all mine I promise!!) and this is my Harry Potter mug which I got for my birthday from my good friend Jade. I'm super excited for Christmas now, I hope you all are too!

20 December 2014


The other week Jade and I decided to take a trip to Winter Wonderland! I had never been before so I was super excited to see what was there to offer! We decided to arrive at around 12pm as we knew just how busy it'd get if we got there any later! I was really surprised at how huge the place was to be honest, and had a really great time so I decided to share a few snaps which I took on the day.

There were tonssss of food stalls and all of them smelt absolutely amazing. We decided to grab a pulled pork roll with stuffing and it was one of the best things I'd ever eaten! Walking around there were so many cute trinkets to buy and loads of sweets, chocolate, and cake.

As you can see from the photos, we also decided to buy some Churro's. I'd never tried them before (I know right?!?!?) and Jade was telling me just how amazing they were. She wasn't wrong! They are probably one of the best things I've ever tried, EVER. The melted chocolate was beautiful and for £5 we got 7 churro's to share.

I had a great time at Winter Wonderland and would recommend that everyone went and have a look round! The food is expensive I'm not gonna lie but it's free entry so it's worth going, even if you just want to have a look as it's amazing! It would look beautiful of a night but where it gets so busy I'd recommend going around the same time as us. If you didn't feel Christmassy before you went, you'd definitely feel Christmassy afterwards!