9 October 2014


I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a little girl I was chewing on my nails until they were red raw. Normally I only bit them when I was feeling nervous or anxious but all the same, I couldn't stop. My family were always trying to encourage me to stop biting them, sometimes I actually did try and I would paint them but once at least one of my nails chipped I would be biting them like there was no tomorrow.

I tried everything, the horrible tasting varnish you put on, painting them and making them look pretty, everything! So how did I stop? When I was little I used to get a kind of satisfaction out of biting my nails, no idea why but I kinda enjoyed it. It was a nasty habit. Then the older I got I used to see girls (and even guys) with really nice nails and I was jealous. They could paint them with glitter and beautiful colours and designs and I couldn't. When I bit my nails down I became frustrated with myself.

One day I was on the bus and saw a young girl biting her nails and the state her nails were in. I know it doesn't sound nice at all but it really triggered something and ever since then I haven't bitten them. I'm sure you've seen over on my Instagram that I've been painting them so much more and filing them so they're in a point. It still feels weird to look at my nails and to think they're actually mine! Everyone is shocked when they see them, they all think they're fake. I'm actually really proud of myself. It's been something I've wanted to do for years now and every new year I've made it my New Years resolution but haven't had any luck up until now! I think it's all about willpower, I've probably taken up a new habit that I don't realise yet for my anxious days! But for now I'm happy with the results. It's basically the thought of 'if you want something, you really need to put your mind to it.' Nail biting to me is a horrible habit and I'm glad I got rid of it! If you put enough thought into it, you can do it!