3 July 2014


So lately I've been reading a lot about lemon water and how it's supposedly really good for bloating. I didn't see how this was physically possible as it is only a slice of fruit, how could it stop you from getting bloated? I admit, I had my doubts so I decided to go out, buy some lemons (and this adorable cup from Sainsbury's FYI (£2.50)) and try it for myself. I do usually have trouble with bloating and after trying many different things in the past (different portion sizes, peppermint tablets) with nothing working I was a bit dubious...

I decided to try it out as a drink alongside my breakfast. I'm not sure about you guys but I always get incredibly bloated whilst breaking my fast (if you get this reference, I Love you!), I think it's because I tend to cram so much in so that it fills me up for longer (this usually works). I have a sweet tooth. So naturally I eat sugary and chocolate cereals which cause you to possibly bloat more so than other cereals. When I finished my breakfast on my first day of trying lemon water, I drank this drink during and finished it after my breakfast and I couldn't believe it when I wasn't bloated. I carried it on drinking it throughout the day and was amazed that no matter what I ate (or how much of it I ate for that matter), I didn't get bloated! This drink has now become my go-to drink all day (apart from one or two fizzy drinks - I just can't resist!), I honestly didn't believe it would work and the bloating would be gone but it honestly does.

If you have problems with bloating, try this out!


  1. I know right? I didn't have lemons today at home since I usually drink it in the morning and I already can feel a difference.
    Sara | Passing Fancy

  2. How good is it! I have a cup or two as soon as I wake up and it honestly makes such a difference in my day!

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

    1. I know! I'm amazed, I didn't think it would actually work! x