5 July 2014


It's not secret on this blog that I'm completely in love with these two products and if you've tried them before, can you blame me? Exactly. These two items have been noted on my blog more times than I can remember and I'm completely in love with them.

Bourjois' Healthy Balance Powder (£8.99) is great for getting rid of oily skin for hours at a time and this shade is the perfect one for my skin tone, this is great for me as I really suffer with oily skin as the day goes on (as you all probably know all to well by now the amount of times I complain about it!) Having dewy and refreshing skin is great and all, but oily skin is not.

My other (very very) nearly empty is my absolute favourite mascara ever, Maybelline Falsies Mascara Black Drama (£7.99). I wear this pretty much everyday just like the powder above so no wonder it's drying out. Regardless of this, it still really upsets me that it's almost gone. I literally cannot wait for pay day to buy a replacement one (and obviously a few (okay, a lot) other bits). This has so much volume it's amazing but doesn't leave your lashes looking overly clumpy and this holds a curl pretty darn well.

What products have you been overusing lately?

3 July 2014


So lately I've been reading a lot about lemon water and how it's supposedly really good for bloating. I didn't see how this was physically possible as it is only a slice of fruit, how could it stop you from getting bloated? I admit, I had my doubts so I decided to go out, buy some lemons (and this adorable cup from Sainsbury's FYI (£2.50)) and try it for myself. I do usually have trouble with bloating and after trying many different things in the past (different portion sizes, peppermint tablets) with nothing working I was a bit dubious...

I decided to try it out as a drink alongside my breakfast. I'm not sure about you guys but I always get incredibly bloated whilst breaking my fast (if you get this reference, I Love you!), I think it's because I tend to cram so much in so that it fills me up for longer (this usually works). I have a sweet tooth. So naturally I eat sugary and chocolate cereals which cause you to possibly bloat more so than other cereals. When I finished my breakfast on my first day of trying lemon water, I drank this drink during and finished it after my breakfast and I couldn't believe it when I wasn't bloated. I carried it on drinking it throughout the day and was amazed that no matter what I ate (or how much of it I ate for that matter), I didn't get bloated! This drink has now become my go-to drink all day (apart from one or two fizzy drinks - I just can't resist!), I honestly didn't believe it would work and the bloating would be gone but it honestly does.

If you have problems with bloating, try this out!