28 June 2014


After reading Corrie's post from Dizzy Brunette's blog about a MAC highlighter, it made me want to explore MAC products. I actually don't own any MAC products apart from their Studio Fix Foundation (I know, shameful for a beauty blogger), so it was nice to browse and have a look through what they do online. Most of the things that are on this wishlist are products which I've heard a lot about from other beauty bloggers, what can I say, they're obviously good at what they do!

First up is this Face and Body Foundation (£21.50), as I already have a foundation from MAC, I think trying others would be good as I like to have a variety when it comes to base products. This is meant to give you a low-to-medium coverage (which is perfect for these sunnier days) and give you a flawless finish (what's not to love!?).

MAC eyeshadow palettes is what I adore most, how gorgeous does this one look? It is incredibly pricey just for four eyeshadow shades, but they are just to beautiful to ignore. This MAC Showstopper: Eyeshadow X4 (£30.00) contains the shades Oh My Darling, Jest, Mineralism and Showstopper. The finishes are Veluxe Pearl, Lustre and Frost.

Who's surprised that there's a blusher on my wishlist? No one? I thought not. Any shade of this and I'd be happy, I love MAC's packaging as it's so simple. This is MAC's Powder Blush (£18.00) and it's not a bad price either...

I've always been drawn in by MAC's lipsticks on Instagram, every blogger posts pictures of their MAC lipstick and I can't help but feel slightly jealous. They have rows of MAC lipsticks in their collections and although they look nice, I don't understand the fascination just yet as I've never tried one. Which is why I've added one to my Wishlist! I really like this shade which I believe is called Happy-Go-Lucky (£15.00) but I can't help but think it's an awful lot just for a lipstick... It's the drugstore hoarder inside me coming out!

Last but not least, I've heard a lot about MAC's Prep and Prime CC Colour Correcting Loose (£20.00) so it made it on my wishlist and I'd love to give it a try, their primers are supposedly the best for eyes.

So there is my MAC Wishlist, what do you make of the popular brand?