19 May 2014


Carrying on from my last post about Spring makeup, today I bring you... Cheeks! Everyone that reads my blog knows my obsession for blusher, I have about 3 rows of it taking up my makeup drawer (that is nearly bursting!) and I will go out of my way to buy a new blusher every time I find myself in Boots or Superdrug. What I find myself wearing most in Spring is corals or bright pinks.

First is this stunning Dainty Doll My Girl Blusher (£2.99 (I believe)) which I find is a beautiful shimmery pink which could work as both a highlighter and a blusher. I haven't wore this a lot recently as my stash is so huge but after rummaging through to find blushers for this post it caught my eye and made me realise why I bought it in the first place! Next is this Revlon Blusher in Classy Coral (£7.99), I've had my eye on the Revlon blushers for a while now after seeing gh0stparties talk about them. I've now added two to my collection and I love them both, the lasting power is amazing and I love the matte finish it gives to your cheeks. As well as going out my way to add more Revlon blushers to my collection, I've also been picking up a Barry M blusher each time I go into a store. I've already wrote a post all about Barry M's blushes but this is probably my favourite one, it's called Barry M Blusher Strawberry Whip (£4.59) and is a beautiful light pink. Sleek is a brand which I always adore but don't actually own many things from them. I've been looking at their stand waiting for more shades to be released but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon which is a shame! However, one shade from them which I adore is their Sleek Blusher in Rose Gold (£4.49) which is a really pretty coral-pink with a lot of shimmer! Last but not least is NYC in Riverside Rose (£2.99), I've been obsessing over these since I first found out that my local chemist holds their stock and I can get hold of it real easy! The only thing that bothers me slightly with these is that its really hard to close when first opened but other than that I love the shades they have especially this one in particular. It leaves a matte finish which is something I look for in the hotter months and at £2.99 for quite a big sized blush, you can't really complain!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunny weather!

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