21 May 2014


Bobbi Brown has always been a brand that never fails to catch my eye, on other beauty bloggers Instagrams and Blogs I find myself constantly drooling over the makeup they have by the brand and making me wish I actually had some! So this is what this post is for, I was browsing the website the other day and decided to make a wishlist.

First up is this Limited Edition Pretty Powerful Set (£59.50) which includes everything you could possibly want for eyes, lips and cheeks. I adore the eyeshadow palette as the shades look beautiful and is it just me that's obsessed by packing of a product? Something about the simpleness of Bobbi Brown attracts me to the brand. Next is this stunning Shimmer Brick in Rose (£32.00), what I love about this is it can be used as a highlighter, blusher and individual eyeshadows if you really wanted! Still on cheeks, everyone who reads my blog knows how obsessed I am with blusher, why wouldn't I add a high-end blusher to my wishlist? This is the Bobbi Brown Blusher in Sand Pink (£19.00), it'll add a bright pop of colour to your makeup look but still leave you looking fresh and natural. As this is a matte finish, it'll look more natural as opposed to a shimmer finish. 

Moving on to lips, Bobbi Brown offer beautiful shades in their lipstick and lipgloss' range. As Summer is well on the way, why not add a bright lipstick to your collection to make you feel a whole lot 'summery'? This is the Lip Colour in Neon Pink (£18.00) and is semi-matte which means not too dry but not too glossy. Just imagine this lipstick with a crisp white dress on a sunny day, perfect. Something which I've been really into lately is lipgloss. There is always one in my bag, just in case. I mean, you're never going to know when you're going to need it, right? Right. This one is Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine in Petal (£18.00) and it comforts dry and chapped lips whilst also providing long-term moisturisation. As Summer also means hay-fever, lately my eyes have been getting super irritated which then results in panda eyes. Which is not a good look!! When I saw this on the House of Fraser website I was drawn in immediately by the name, it's called No Smudge Mascara (£19.00) and is long-wearing, waterproof (score!) and also curls and lengthens the lashes, all at the same time! What more could you want?

What Bobbi Brown products have you got your eyes on?

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