15 January 2014

Tresemme Salon Silk

Tresemme Salon Silk Shampoo & Conditioner available at Superdrug and Boots
£4.99 for both - on Superdrug 2 for £7 deal

University has officially started again and as you can see it's starting to take over my life once again. So sorry for the lack of blogging at the moment! The first week back is always really hectic. Anyway, on to the post! Tresemme has always been known for the affordable and professional finish it gives to your hair and if I'm honest, I'm still yet to be wowed by any of their shampoos or conditioner. I have really terrible hair, it's so frizzy and really difficult to manage so I'm constantly on the look out for a new shampoo that might actually work.

This particular shampoo and conditioner works slightly, however I wouldn't say that it leaves me with 'Salon Silk' feeling hair. After I wash it, I normally always leave my hair to air dry as it's so thick it takes forever to blow-dry it! When my hair is dry it's so frizzy it's unreal. I feel like a cavewoman!! Additionally, this is the same thing that happens when I use another one of their shampoo and conditioners. When I straighten it, it does feel slightly softer but it still hasn't impressed me.

The only reason I got this is because they were on offer in Boots, I wouldn't pay the original £5 for them as I do not believe they are worth it. Although having said this, when it comes to any shampoo and conditioner claiming that it cuts out frizz, I never think that they actually work on my hair. Maybe I just have really difficult hair!

If any of you guys find or use a Tressemme product that cuts out frizz and actually works, please let me know!

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