10 January 2014


Instead of having an extremely picture heavy post all about these Real Technique dupes, I decided to split it into two halves (You can read the first half here). So for £9.99 you get this 5 Piece Makeup Brush Set from eBay and I have to say I cannot recommend these enough. If you're strapped for cash then these are a great alternative for the Real Techniques. They feel amazingly soft on the skin and apply and blend makeup really well.

They don't have names as such which is slightly annoying but you can decide to use them as you please. There are brushes for buffing foundation, setting concealer, applying powder and blush as well as a contour brush. You can choose from three colours so I decided to go for this pinky/red as it sets them apart from my actual Real Techniques. One thing that I can notice is some of the brush hair has actually come out already so I don't think they'll last as long as the Real Techniques but when you get 5  brushes for £10 you can't really complain. They're a great piece to add to makeup brush collections so I'd recommend getting your hands on them! They are from China and took around 2/3 weeks to get to me but they are worth the wait.

Have you ever tried these Real Technique dupes?

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