12 December 2013

Five Festive Reds

Red lips is definitely the way to go this Christmas. I've chosen some that range from pinky-reds to plum tones but all perfect for this season, and also extremely affordable. First we have ELF's 'Fearless', which is a more pinky-red, it lasts a relatively long time and is moisturising on the lips. We also have One Direction for MUA Kiss You in 'Be Mine', this is a deep red. I absolutely love this lipstick because on the nub there are little 'X's and 'O's which makes it look so cute.

When I browsed the Seventeen counter at Boots the other day, I found this beautiful deep plum-red lipstick which is just what I've been looking for in these colder winter months. This Seventeen Stay Pout in Rule Breaker is easy to apply and doesn't smudge when eating/drinking. Then of course, I needed to have a Kate Moss lipstick in this post. This is Kate Moss for Rimmel in Shade 22, and is a bright matte red. Again this is quite easy to apply to the lips and lasts for agessss. Last but not least this Collection 2000 Deluxe lipstick in Prohibition. A stunning deep red with a hint of a plum undertone. Glides onto the lips simply and doesn't tend to smudge. It's moisturising but with a matte finish.

Those are my top 5 reds for the holidays, what are yours?

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