29 December 2013

A Few Things I Received For Christmas..

So Christmas is well and truly over - sob - and I decided it might be nice to show a few things I received over the holidays. I'm not bragging in any way, I just love reading these types of posts as it makes my wish list longer and gives me ideas as to what to buy. I think it also shows what type of person you are and get to know them a little better. I was spoilt this year and I feel so blessed to get the presents I did.

I had been lusting over this Avon palette for ages and thought it was a normal eyeshadow palette but I was so surprised when I opened it to discover it had two levels - the first level for eyeshadow and the bottom level for lips and cheeks! The colours are so beautiful and pigmented. I love it so much that I don't want to put it away! My parents did say that had major trouble with the Avon website, the names were different and the prices weren't the same so I'm so glad they managed to get it in the end!

I also received my most favourite perfume ever - Hollister (I'm unsure as to what it's called). I've loved this perfume since forever and hadn't had it in a while so I was extremely happy when I opened it! I also got two sets of Real Techniques brushes and the powder and blusher brush - I love these so much! (Blog post on these coming soon)

I love all things shabby chic and had been thinking about getting one of these block calendars for ages, my parents surprised me with it and I was so shocked! I think it's lovely when loved ones surprises you with things they know you like - it's the thought that counts! I think it's so cute and looks great in my room.

I've heard so many good things about the Hunger Games books and films that it made me really want to read them! Every year my parents get me some books for me to read (last year it was Lord of the Rings) as they know I love reading so I can't wait to get stuck into these! I also got a ton of ELF makeup from my auntie so I've got a load of stuff to review and try (I'm thinking of doing a week's worth of blog posts all about ELF I've got that much stuff!)

As I'm a cheerleader I got some new cheerleading shoes and I actually love them! I know they're not the prettiest shoes ever but I can just imagine it all together now with my uniform! What I also like about these is that you can change the colours of the triangles, its so cute!

So that is a few of my favourite things I received this Christmas! I also got a new camera which is amazing and I love it. The change in quality of my photos is crazy! I'm so grateful for what I got. Hope you all had a great Christmas! What did you receive this Christmas?

17 December 2013

NOTD: Space Dust

Nails have never been my thing, they're too short and stubby and most of the time I forget (read too lazy) to re-paint them. I used to love painting my nails but seeing as I bite them (horrible habit I know) I just kind of gave up with them. However, most recently I found Rimmel's Space Dust in the Shade Aurora nail polish and I have fallen back in love with all things nails.

When I first saw this I thought it was going to be too opaque to wear on it's own but after applying found that in fact it was very thick and didn't need too many coats. After two coats (which is how many coats I apply to every nail polish) it looked like I had applied multiple coats. It has a pretty pink undercoat with silver and pink bits of glitter. Now I know I have teensy nails, but I was worried when I saw the shape of the brush. It was short and very thick, I thought it was going to be difficult to apply. However, this was what I liked most about this product. It was so easy to apply and the brush filled my nails making the application process quicker. Aside from this, it also dried very quickly and I loved the finish it had.

I need to get more colours from this Space Dust range, I love it!

14 December 2013

My Christmas Checklist

All images above from my Instagram account: britishheartss

Christmas is officially under 2 weeks away and in these 2 weeks I like to cram as many Christmas activities as possible. Unfortunately it hasn't snowed yet so a few from my list is a bit redundant for now, but a girl can dream. Additionally, I still haven't completed my Christmas shopping as of yet so it's going to be a busy next few weeks!
*the ones which are in italics have already been done (with some matching pictures above!)
So lets get into it:
  • Decorate the Christmas tree
  • Watch ELF & Santa Claus (my two favourite Christmas movies!)
  • Play in the snow (a child at heart)
  • Build a mini snowman
  • Get all my Christmas shopping done
  • Attend a Christmas party (I attended the Company VIP Christmas Party)
  • Have a Christmas cocktail (Santa Baby, Frankie & Bennys = The bomb)
  • Decorate my room with fairy lights and tinsel
  • Visit House of Fraser and John Lewis (they have the best Christmas decorations)
  • Bake something (Gingerbread, Mince Pies etc)
  • Read a Christmas book (I Heart Christmas is gonna get read soon!)
  • Finish all my assignments so I can have a stress-free Christmas (Does creating this list count as procrastinating?)
  • Have a Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Bauble (LOL)
  • Eat tons of chocolate
  • Have a Christmas Hot Chocolate (With cream, syrup, marshmallows - NEEDS to be done!)
  • Buy a Christmas jumper (Primark definitely have the best ones)
  • Go ice-skating
  • Write out my Christmas cards
  • Bring out the festive jug and bowl! (from The Range - how adorable are these!?)
So as you can see I still have a ton to cross off!
What's on your Christmas Checklist?

12 December 2013

Five Festive Reds

Red lips is definitely the way to go this Christmas. I've chosen some that range from pinky-reds to plum tones but all perfect for this season, and also extremely affordable. First we have ELF's 'Fearless', which is a more pinky-red, it lasts a relatively long time and is moisturising on the lips. We also have One Direction for MUA Kiss You in 'Be Mine', this is a deep red. I absolutely love this lipstick because on the nub there are little 'X's and 'O's which makes it look so cute.

When I browsed the Seventeen counter at Boots the other day, I found this beautiful deep plum-red lipstick which is just what I've been looking for in these colder winter months. This Seventeen Stay Pout in Rule Breaker is easy to apply and doesn't smudge when eating/drinking. Then of course, I needed to have a Kate Moss lipstick in this post. This is Kate Moss for Rimmel in Shade 22, and is a bright matte red. Again this is quite easy to apply to the lips and lasts for agessss. Last but not least this Collection 2000 Deluxe lipstick in Prohibition. A stunning deep red with a hint of a plum undertone. Glides onto the lips simply and doesn't tend to smudge. It's moisturising but with a matte finish.

Those are my top 5 reds for the holidays, what are yours?

10 December 2013

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder

So I've shown you the foundation, now it's time for powder. Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder has took over my #1 spot in my favourite powders. It's light on the skin and fits my skin shade perfectly. It doesn't leave my skin dry. Which is such a bonus. Where it's been extremely cold lately, my skin has been so dry but this doesn't cling onto any of the little bits of horrible dry skin I've been sporting. Sounds so attractive, doesn't it? (If anyone knows of a skincare product I can use daily to get rid of this, please let me know!)

When I saw Amelia from Liana Beauty bragging about this baby over on her blog, I knew I just had to get my mitts on it! It sets foundation without taking away any glow and it isn't overly mattifying. When it comes to the Healthy Mix Foundation, I found it hard to choose a shade to match my skin tone, but with this, it matches perfectly and stays on for roughly 3 hours (after this I tend to get a bit shiny, so I keep it in my bag just incase). However, having said this, if you wear both together you get the most perfect glow and dewy finish to your skin. Just make sure you keep the powder on you!

6 December 2013

Budget Beauty Christmas Buys

MUA Undress Me Too Palette, O.P.I Christmas Mini Nail Set, Colour Unlimited Beauty Tools Set, Sleek Blush By 3 Lace, Benefit Limited Edition Go Tropical Set

Another blog post about Christmas buys today, but this time the budget version. I'm not the type of person that has a ton of money to spend on Christmas presents, and I know a lot of other people don't either (heck, things are so much money these days!) So, I decided to put together a little post for things under £20 that people are going to love!

First up, the MUA Undress Me Too Palette, I've been having my eye on this one for quite some time now and it has been put on my Christmas list in the hope that someone buys it for me. I know it is only around the £4 mark, but in December we are banned from buying anything what-so-ever because it may be bought for us! This reminds me hugely of the Naked palettes and can't wait to (hopefully) have my hands on it this Christmas!

Next is this adorable O.P.I Mini Nail Set, which has some super cute nail polishes which are the perfect shades for the Holidays! There are a mix of glitters and regular shine polishes in this set, which makes it the perfect little gift.

I am constantly looking at make-up brushes and beauty sets. I'm a sucker for gift sets. I just can't help myself! Which is why this Colour Unlimited Beauty Tool Set is perfect for something just starting to get into make-up and it's the perfect starter beauty tool set. It's extremely cheap and it's just a little somethin' somethin' to add to the stocking!

Sleek are constantly hitting the nail on the head when it comes to blushers. I'm obsessed and want every single one. This Sleek Blush by 3 Lace is one that I have been lusting over. The colours are of a very coral-orange and super pretty! I already own the Rose Gold on it's own but cannot get enough of it, so theres no harm in wanting it in a palette, is there?

Last but certainly not least is this Benefit Limited Edition Go Tropical Set, if you're a sucker like me when it comes to mini beauty products then this is the perfect gift set for you (you have to treat yourself every now and then, right?) Or, I guess, you could buy it for someone else too. Like a family member or a friend. It comes in this adorable little box, why would you not want this!?