28 November 2013

Luxe Beauty Christmas Gift Guide

Anna Sui ASOS Exclusive Minnie Mouse Make Up Set -1,Ciate Mini Mani Month Gift set, Benefit Groovy Kind A Love Gift set, Lancome Blush, Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow Collection, Nars Cosmetics Crime of Passion Face Kit

So, seeing as Christmas is now just under a month away(!!!!) I thought I'd make up a little Christmas Beauty Gift Guide, this one being the more expensive one and another one on the way being on the cheaper side.

This Minnie Mouse make up set is to die for. It's a pity really, as I absolutely adore the eyeshadow in Set no. 2 but you can't mix and match unfortunately. However, having said that, I do love all of this cute gift set. I mean, will you just LOOK at that lipstick!

This little Ciate Mini gift set, it also just as cute. The colours are so varied and all individually pretty! Next is this (also very adorable) Benefit gift set, with little travel sized pieces of Benefits products. This particular gift set would be fantastic for a younger teen who is just starting to get involved with make-up and will be a perfect little starter kit.

I chose this Lancome Blush because it was the prettiest rose colour and the perfect shade for these colder mornings. It comes with a handy mirror and little brush so it's perfect for people who are on the go constantly.

Now, eyeshadow is slowly creeping up to be my most purchased product. Having bought loads of new eyeshadow palettes to tell you you guys about! This one has certainly caught my eye, it's the Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow palette, and the reason I chose this is because they are all matte. I prefer matte eyeshadows to the shimmer. I'm one of those gals that prefer matte for an everyday look and a little shimmer for them important big nights out.

Nars at the moment has been the talk of the town and I don't blame everyone for blogging about it! Lately they have been bringing out such beautiful products and this Crime of Passion face kit is one of them. Better hurry up though, they've been selling out quick!

24 November 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
available from Superdrug and Boots

Oh my gosh. This foundation is now my favourite. It has knocked MACs' Studio Fix Foundation off the top of my list and has rightfully taken its place. If you haven't tried it, I seriously recommend. 

Firstly, it is so light and soft on the skin it's unreal. It feels like you're not even wearing any foundation. It's so easy to blend into your skin, I use a brush, but would be easy to blend in with your fingers as well. It's cheap as well, for one thing. It's only £9.99 from Superdrug and Boots, but it's worth so much more. When it comes to foundations, I feel like Bourjois do it oh-so good, they hit the nail on the head every time.

One little thing I would say though, is the shades. I don't feel like there is enough variety in the shades that they've got. I've got the shade Vanilla 52 and I feel like it's a little too dark for me, I feel like I could of got away with a slightly lighter shade but I didn't want to get the lighter shade incase it made me look too pale.

Every bloggers review that I've read says about the scent. And to be honest, I couldn't smell anything. But I think it's best for me because I dislike foundations that smell! It's quite a dewy finish, which I absolutely love. I've wanted to get a nice glow on my face for a while now and it gives you a lovely natural glow, whilst not leaving your skin looking too shiny or oily. It's the perfect mix for a foundation and I couldn't recommend it enough!

Have you tried any Bourjois foundations before?

3 November 2013

Primark Fashion Nails

Another day, another nail post. Some may call if boring but I love everything to do with nails. I love painting them, adding glitter and creating patterns. Even though I am a crazy nail lady, I do bite my nails (shame on me). At the moment, I'm beginning to stop (yay!), I don't even know why I bite them, it makes me annoyed if anything that I've bitten a bit off!

Anyway.. Onto the nails.
These Primark nails amaze me, not only do they look good but they feel good on my nails too. I've had fake nails before where they feel really fake. These ones fit comfortably on your nails and the glue is strong which allows the nails to last for quite a long time. Yes, they are only £1, which is totally amazing. How could a product of such high standard cost only £1!? (Will definitely be buying more!)

I decided on these two in particular, because I loved the pattern and the colour of these ones shown on my nails just reminded me of such a nice fall/winter colour. Unlike some fake nails, these nails are quite thin, something I quite like. I don't like it when I have a fake nail that is quite thick. These also come reaaaally long, which if you find uncomfortable, you can easily trim them down.

Overall, so pleased I made the purchase, they last quite a while, but if you wanted to take them off, they're easy to take off. The glue is strong and the nails are sturdy and look quite expensive even though they are completely inexpensive!

Well done Primark, you've done a good job.