25 October 2013

Forever 21 Favourites

Lately I have been loving Forever 21, I love that American Style they have at the moment and they are on point. I think Forever 21 have been quite cheap lately too, which makes wanting so many of their stuff much easier for me and my bank balance!

This first dress is totally American-esque and I think it's totally cute. I love the colour and the speckle print. The second dress I actually decided to buy, it reminded me of something similar to cheerleading. This last dress I really liked for Fall, the pattern and the colour is perfect and the pinafore style is adorable.

top / top / top
Again, more slogans on all of these tops.. I'm slogan obsessed at the moment! Hitting the monochrome trend bang on. I like that they're all oversized and look super comfy.

More American-style clothing, I think it's nice that Forever 21 are going along the lines of American college style. Again I bought the middle one, its nice and comfy and the material is thick and cosy.

I have been looking for a maroon hat for quite some time now, I think they jazz up an outfit quite a lot and can make a dull outfit look quite nice. Backpacks are so simple for college/school/uni. They carry a lot more than any other bags and are easier to carry.

I've been searching high and low for some nice boots for A/W '13 and I think these two will look lovely with any outfit. Normally I just wear some flats but recently I've found that look to be quite boring. I love these little ballet flats though, with the leopard print at the front I think they'll look cute with a pair of pattern tights.

What do you think of these Forever 21 finds?

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