3 September 2013

September Wishlist

So September is officially here and I'm actually really pleased. This is the first year I've actually wanted A/W to come. I'm just super excited to snuggle up in bed watching movies like Harry Potter (what else!?), draping fairy lights around my room and most importantly, the clothes. Oh yes, I can't wait. There are so many items that are just adorable and I just need (read, don't need) this Fall. One thing I'm excited about is returning to university, and of course to return to university, I need a brand new wardrobe (and a make-up collection to match).

This fall it's all about colours and patterns. Who can resist a maroon a-line skirt? Not me. And I'll certainly be finding one as soon as pay day comes round. But until that glorious moment comes round, I've created a wishlist to drool over.

First up, Real Techniques Core Collection brushes. Now I know I'm really behind with the whole Real Techniques hype but I've decided I simply can't go any longer without them in my life. My friends have been bangin' on about these for God knows how long and I've given in. I need them in my life!

YSL. Can we take a moment to appreciate the packaging please? Such a thing of beauty. This colour is perfect for fall because of the shade of pink it is, it's like a rich, deep plum and this is what fall is all about.

Oh my goodness... This Sleek palette is probably the prettiest palette I've seen in a long time. Just look at those shades! Normally I wouldn't go for such dark colours on my cheeks, I like a rosy glow but nothing too dramatic but seeing as it's nearing Christmas, I just can't resist it. It's gorgeous.

Now I saw this dress on River Island and just knew it was 'me'. You know you have that style and just know when somethings 'you'. You know? I adore this dress and the colours are perfect for fall season too. I also love the cute little necklace that's attached. What I don't love? The price tag. Boo hoo.

Bourjois is something that has been on my wishlist for a while now, I love the look of all of their products but haven't gotten round to trying any (I know, you haven't got to tell me, shame on me) but people have been going mad about these colour boost lip crayons lately and I just feel like I need to check out the hype. I do adore this colour though.

Last but not least, this tiny little eyeshadow, which is also by Bourjois. The thing is is that it is a tiny product, and it's £6.99. However, this isn't going to stop me from purchasing it! I wouldn't necessarily use it as an eyeshadow either, I would use it as a highlight. What can I say, I'm sold.

What have you got on your September wishlist?

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