7 May 2013

Byron's Burgers.

When my friend suggested going to Byron's for a spot of lunch, I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant. I'd heard of Byron's and seeing the prices (remember I'm a student) made me a little bit more hesitant. However, having read review on the place I was secretly eager to try! So we ventured inside and sat downstairs in the diner with a beautiful view (having decided that it was a bit too chilly and windy to sit on the terrace - sigh).

Having only six choices of burgers, I chose the 'Classic' whilst my friends chose the 'Byron' burger, and boy did the 'Byron' look good!

The staff were all extremely kind and were happy to help us in any way, the drinks were served ice cold and very quickly upon our arrival. Now we just have a chat and wait for our burgers.

The milk shakes were served in huge bucket-like cups and were devilishly delicious.

Now onto the burger. Wow. Just take a minute to appreciate how good this looks. It's insanely mouth-watering. The bun was crispy but not burnt and the meat was succulent and extremely tasty, making me happy with our decision to come and eat here. When ordering our burgers, the waiter told us how all the burgers were cooked on 'medium' unless asked otherwise, so I had mine 'medium well'. I prefer to have my meat darker, than still a little pink.

The waiter made sure we were happy with our food, asking if it was cooked to our liking and if we weren't pleased with what we had, it would be cooked again.

The burger came with lettuce, onion, mayonnaise and tomatoes.. The perfect burger recipe in my books.

And the fries were cooked to perfection, they were crispy and fluffy. The waiter had no problem with us complaining about the fries!

Overall, the food was heavenly. I'm a huge burger fan and was delighted to have dined here! The burger was utter perfection, I can't find no fault with it! Next time, I'm trying the desserts!

Have you ever tried Byron's burgers?

P.s ~ sorry about picture quality.. It was fine when I was editing this post! Now the qualities dipped!


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  1. aww Stacey that look so good. want to eat this right now ;)

    xx daisy

    The Mandarine Girl